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It's One Of The Best Job In The World And We Got It!
Drs. Arthur and Hope Reid received their Bachelors degrees from the University of Florida and their Doctor of Chiropractic Degrees from Life University, Atlanta, Georgia.
They are active members of the community. In 2005, Dr. Hope completed a 26.2-mile marathon and raised over $3,000 to benefit the American Stroke Association. In 2006, both Drs.Hope and Arthur completed the Miami ING half marathon.
On March 1, 2007, they became proud parents of a beautiful baby girl...Raimah Elizabeth Reid. Ramah, Hebrew for "higher ground" was the inspiration for little Raimah's name. On  February 2, 2010 they also celebrated the birth of their son Josiah Arthur Reid. Josiah means "Fire of the Lord/ The Lord heals". Dr. Hope was adjusted regularly throughout both pregnancies. As a result, her labor progressed without complications and she was able to have all-natural deliveries. Both Raimah and Josiah were born at a Birth Center with no doctors, no drugs...just great midwives, and her wonderful Husband. Raimah and Josiah were checked for subluxations immediately following their births and continue to receive regular chiropractic adjustments.
Drs. Arthur and Hope regularly conduct presentations for various local and professional clubs, schools, churches, and civic organizations. Topics include Stress management, Low Back safety, Nutrition, Peak Performance, Exercise, Headaches, Vaccinations/ Immunization and many more.
As Christians, Drs. Hope and Arthur seek to honor God through every thought, speech and action while promoting wellness and restoring hope to our community. Professional Memberships: Florida Chiropractic Association, Toastmaster International, Brandon Chamber of Commerce, and  the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA).
Dr. Hope's Story 
Like most Americans, I grew up under the traditional medical model that dictates medication as a cure-all solution. We relied on the medicine cabinet to "fix" our pain problems.
For years, I suffered with debilitating hip pain. I limped through the last two years of high school. There were times when I had to be carried; because walking or even crawling was virtually impossible due to pain. I was taking multiple medications, none of which was helping. The prescription doses got stronger and stronger. Consequently, while at the University of Florida, I accidentally overdosed and slept for three days.
Thankfully, my roommates kept waking me periodically to make sure that I was alright. I knew that I could not continue my life this way.
Fortunately, my best friend at the time (and future husband) told me about a chiropractic presentation that he attended with his father. It sounded too good to be true. Was there really a natural health care alternative where my body can function better without taking drugs?
When I graduated from UF, I went to South Carolina to visit family members while preparing to attend graduate school. While there, I decided to research chiropractic for myself. After visiting Sherman Chiropractic College and speaking to several local chiropractors, my next question was...Where do I sign up? Three months later, I started chiropractic school in Atlanta.
I realized that I was extremely subluxated and I began receiving chiropractic care. I have not had a prescription medication in 10 years. Understanding that chiropractic can actually correct the cause of many health problems instead of taking drugs to cover the symptoms, have changed my life.
Not only am I a Chiropractor; I am a lifetime chiropractic patient. 
Please Check out Dr Hope's personal BLOG here: Defining Hope 

Dr. Arthur's Story

I was born and raised in Jamaica and I never heard the word "chiropractic" until I came to the U.S. at age twenty. Up to that point, I was brought up believing that healing comes from the outside in the forms of pills, potions, knives, and herbs.

Soon after I came to the United States, something happened that changed my life for ever, and in turn, changed many other lives, too.
At the time, my Dad had a very bad motor vehicle
accident. He sustained injuries to his neck and lower back. The pain in his spine was so severe; he could not even bend to put his shoes on, and was unable to go to work. After several weeks of "popping" dozens of pain pills without any lasting relief, he decided to try Chiropractic. Anyway, I will get back to my Dad's story later.
I accompanied my Dad to the chiropractor and it was life changing! I learned that day that the word 'chiropractic' is made up of two Greek words, cheiros and praktikos (meaning, "done by hand"). The Chiropractor also explained that doctors do not heal anyone; and pills and surgeries do not cure any disease ...but that God created our body with an innate intelligence that gives it the power to heal and regulate itself if there is no interference to the nerve system. To quote the Chiropractor "the real doctor is within each of us."
Back to my Dad's story, he got phenomenal results! In two weeks, he was able to return to work.
I was so impressed with the philosophy and effectiveness of Chiropractic that I decided not just to become a Chiropractor, but also to marry one, who happens to be my Chiropractor.